How we started

Our roots date back to 1923 when the small workshop become a powerful group of leading enterprises incorporating two footwear factories, workwear factory manufactures of leather materials and accessories, central warehouse base. During more than 90 years we have been always developing. Today we can undoubtedly say that we reached the leadership in guar­anteeing the security & safety of labour.

Quality you can trust

Our production is certified and matches the national and European Standards

Well-qualified team

Some of our workers have been associating their lives with our company for more than 10 years. That’s why proven know-hows remain on the site. Thanks to the initiative of each member of our team, the company does not stand still, but constantly develops.

Your safety really matters

Getting the right footwear will make life safer and easier. Protect now. Our company takes care of your foot and provides the innovative footwear matching the European standarts.

Buy from the leader

TALAN is a group of the leading light industry enterprises, which produce more than 3.5 million pairs of safety and military footwear per year in oil and gas, chemical industries, black and colored metallurgy, car building and metal cultivating enterprises, transportation and energetic, construction and agriculture industries. Upholding the aspiration of our community to the European Standards of life and labor conditions the specialists of the group, after obtaining a world experience have used modern technology of directly molded nitrite rubber, and polyurethane sole shoes and made new models of footwear that do not have analogues in Ukraine.

Research and constant developing

For further development, our company has been investing in acquiring equipment from leading companies of Italy and Germany. Furthermore, TALAN keeps working with experts and scientists in order to improve the production methods and make the shoes safer and more comfortable for you.

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